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Where to buy safe solar eclipse glasses

Eclipse glasses are affordable and easy to use – but you need to buy them now

Do you need safe solar eclipse glasses? If you’re in North America, yes, you do – everyone does. On Saturday, October 14 a solar eclipse will be visible across the Americas, with everyone able to see part of the sun blocked by the moon in a multi-hour event. 

Some inside a narrow path through the U.S. Southwest will see a “ring of fire” for a few minutes, but when it comes to eye safety that’s irrelevant because at no point will anyone be able to see any of the event with the naked eye. Solar eclipse glasses and solar filters will be imperative at all times. 

What you need to know about solar eclipse glasses

All solar eclipse glasses must meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. There are two manufacturers of solar protection glasses in the U.S.—American Paper Optics and Rainbow Symphony recommends safe solar eclipse glasses from American Paper Optics, which makes the popular “Eclipser Glasses” and sells the helpful “Get Eclipsed” booklet that comes with 2x pairs of eclipse glasses. 

Image credit: Dave Davidson from Pixabay