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Totality will go by so fast today. Here’s a checklist of what to look at

The total phase of the eclipse only lasts two minutes or so, but there’s a lot to see and experience

It will take about two minutes, and before you know it, the long-awaited Total Solar Eclipse happening across the U.S.A. will be done.

Only those in the Path of Totality in 12 U.S. States will cash-in their winning celestial lottery ticket.

Here’s what to do to get the best from Totality, from a minute or so beforehand to the return of the Sun:

1 – The last slithers of the Crescent Sun disappearing. Get ready!

2 – Remove your solar eclipse glasses and do a 360-degree turn to look at the sky. Notice how the colors are changing.

3 – Notice how the light is fading in the most surreal way. It will look like Armageddon is upon you! Is is getting colder?

4 – Cheers and gasps from others around you mean totality is here, and it’s safe to look at the Sun’s shimmering white solar corona. Whoa!

5 – The corona is captivating, but quickly look to the right for bright planet Venus, and far left for Jupiter.

6 – Back to the corona. Look for red plumes of plasma visible on the side of the Moon. Notice how quiet the crowd is (if you’re in one).

7 – Now is when to take a souvenir, wide-angle photo on your phone. Hopefully you disabled your flash beforehand? Put your phone away.

8 – Do another quick 360-degree turn to look at the changing colors.

9 – If you have them, hold-up binoculars to the Sun & Moon. Can you make-out any detail on the Moon’s surface? That’s Earthshine, reflected light from our planet.

10 – Study the corona.

11 – Tiny beads of light will appear on the left-hand side of the Moon and BAM! A beautiful Diamond Ring appears in a burst of Sunlight. It’s time to look away.

12 – Before you hug someone, cry, drink or drive off, put your solar eclipse glasses back on briefly, and check-out that tiny slither of a crescent Sun.

You will then have two questions:

1 – Did that really happen?

2 – When is the next eclipse?

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Photo credit: Dennis di Cicco / Sky & Telescope