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Total Lunar Eclipse 2021: when to watch, stream and photograph the ‘Blood Moon’

The year’s biggest ‘supermoon’ is about to turn a reddish-copper color for 15 minutes

An eclipse season is here! A total lunar eclipse will occur on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, with our satellite turning red for 15 minutes from 11:11 am UTC—that’s 6:11 am CDT, 5:11 am MDT, 4:11 am PDT.

Visible from everywhere on the night-side of Earth at that time—that’s the Pacific Rim—though parts of it will also be visible to the Midwest U.S.—here’s everything you need to know to watch, stream and photograph the celestial action:

When to watch the lunar eclipse from every U.S. state and when to see the lunar eclipse from Asia.

Where to stream the lunar eclipse (here are the direct links to YouTube for Lowell Observatory in Arizona, Griffiths Observatory in Los Angeles,, and the Virtual Telescope Project)

How to photograph the lunar eclipse

What the lunar eclipse will look like from the Moon

Could the lunar eclipse coincide with the Northern Lights?