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A tiny corner of Iowa will glimpse the total solar eclipse

A tiny corner of the Hawkeye State will go under the Moon’s shadow for 24 seconds on August 21, 2017

The eclipse is coming to Iowa? Yes! Well, sort of. Although no-one is talking about Iowa as one of the best destinations to see the Total Solar eclipse on August 21, the Moon’s shadow just grazes the Hawkeye State, giving those standing in ONE field 26 seconds of Totality.

The centerline of the Path of Totality does not cross Iowa, hence it is being left out of travel options for the eclipse, but in far southwestern Iowa at 13:05 am CT on August 21, 2017 is WILL be possible to witness a brief Totality.

There is only one thing for it; go to the Lower Hamburg Bend Wildlife Management Area, which is right on the northern limit of the eclipse track. Who knows how many people will turn up to view it here? But you stand a reasonable chance of being the only person in Iowa to see a Total Solar Eclipse.

Lower Hamburg Bend Wildlife Management Area lies on the Missouri River, facing Nebraska to the west and Missouri to the south. The eclipse track only grazes here (and misses the town of Hamburg), so you will only get a brief glimpse of Totality, but for proud Iowans, it could be a life-long boast. There’s a small parking lot here on the corner of 100th Street and 240th Avenue. Thanks to National Eclipse for spotting this one!

Should you travel south and see a much longer Totality? Probably, yes, and do be careful if you read ‘Iowa’ and presume the eclipse is visible all over Iowa – IT IS NOT! If you want detail, read this fabulous post from Xavier Jubier – Montana & Iowa States Unequivocal Totality.

Click here for a Google Map.

Here are the exact eclipse timings for Lower Hamburg Bend Wildlife Management Area, Iowa

Partial eclipse begins: 11:38 am CT

Totality: 13:05 pm CT (24 seconds)

Partial eclipse ends: 14:31 pm CT

Photo Credit: Google Maps & Xavier Jubier