USA 2017

Solar eclipse maps 2017: all the resources you need to plan a trip

Only those standing in the right place will experience a Total Solar Eclipse on August 21

It’s a sad fact that many Americans will misunderstand this eclipse and will not be in the right place on August 21. Don’t be one of them. With these maps and guides you can make sure you’re standing between the northern and southern limits of the Path of Totality. That’s within the Moon’s shadow – as it crosses the U.S. on Monday, 2017 August 21 through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Get as close as you can to the center of the Path of Totality to enjoy the maximum duration of totality.

Here are the maps you need to plan your Eclipse 2017 road-trip:
USA Eclipse Camping & RV Guide for August 21, 2017

1 – USA Eclipse 2017 Camping & RV Guide: Over 100 festivals, campsites & RV Parks – packed with link to Google Maps for campsites within the Path of Totality, this is the ideal ebook to have on your phone for an eclipse road-trip

2 – NASA: Maps of the entire U.S., plus for each individual U.S. State crossed by the Path of Totality

3 – Check eclipse visitation estimates, and which roads are likely to be busy around August 21.

4 – Xavier Jubier’s Interactive Google Maps: these maps are wonderfully easy to use and let you check the duration of totality with the Path of Totality (and the % of partial eclipse), though be careful – it uses Universal Time, not local time.

5 – Road Atlas for the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 by Fred Espenak ($18.99): a comprehensive series of 37 full color maps of the Path of Totality across the USA. The large scale (1:700,000 or 1 inch = 11 miles) shows both major and minor roads, towns and cities, rivers, lakes, parks, national forests, wilderness areas and mountain ranges.