Eclipse 2019

It’s one year to go until the next Total Solar Eclipse

Are you ready for the Great South American Total Solar Eclipse in Chile, Argentina or the South Pacific?

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Totality is coming for you. Exactly a year today, a Total Solar Eclipse will plunge places in Chile, Argentina and the South Pacific into darkness in the day.

On 2 July, 2019, the Moon will cross in front of the Sun and eclipse-chasers on the ground will experience around 2 mins 30 secs of totality.

It’s the first Total Solar Eclipse since 21 August, 2017, which was viewable from across the U.S. However, the visual highlight of a Total Solar Eclipse is not darkness in the day, but the chance to see the stunning solar corona. For many, it’s other phenomena that make an eclipse so unmissable; the quickly cooling temperatures as the sun disappears, the bizarre quality of light, and the sounds of confused insects and birds.

Where will people watch the Great South American Total Solar Eclipse?

For 2 July, 2019, most eclipse-chasers will head either to to Chile’s La Serena or the inland Elqui Valley, a Dark Sky Sanctuary that’s home to some huge telescopes or to the eastern slopes of the Andes in Argentina to observe from places like Bella Vista or Rodeo.

However, some will be onboard a cruise ship in the South Pacific, just north of the Pitcairn Islands for about 2 mins 50 seconds of totality.

And 43 lucky observers will watch from onboard EFLIGHT 2019-MAX, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner that will fly from Easter Island to the eclipse path’s ‘greatest’ point. Once there, passengers will see a 4 min 32 secs of totality, but because they’ll be flying at half the speed of the moon’s shadow, it will be extended to 9 minutes.

Where will you be for the Great South American Eclipse?

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