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When is the next total solar eclipse in the USA?

In 2024 we can enjoy FOUR MINUTES of totality!

Did you experience the total solar eclipse across the USA in 2017?

In 2024 comes the ‘Great North American Eclipse’, when the Moon’s shadow will race across the entire continent.

After making land at the city of Mazatlan in Mexico and crossing the states of Durango and Coahuila, Totality will sweep across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Vermont and Maine, and New Brunswick and Newfoundland in Canada. Stand anywhere within the Path of Totality and you’ll get between 3 minutes 30 seconds and 4 minutes 30 seconds of Totality — over a minute more than in 2017.

A partial eclipse will be visible to the entirety of North America.

The longest duration may technically be in Mexico, but at no point does any of the USA or Canada experience any less Totality than the maximum available in 2017.

So if you thought 2017’s total solar eclipse was good, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Most places along the track experience about four minutes of Totality, which is about as good as it gets this century.

Photo credit: Eclipse map/figure/table/predictions courtesy of Fred Espenak, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. Map data © Google 2017

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