How to livestream Tuesday’s total solar eclipse online

Can’t make it to the Southern Hemisphere? Here’s how to watch it all unfold from afar

Totality will be televised! At 20:38 UT on Tuesday, July 2, 2019, a total solar eclipse will cross Chile and Argentina, from where it will be filmed and broadcast online. Here’s when and where to watch it:

It’s at 20:38 UT, which is 16:38 CLT (Chile Standard Time) in Chile, 17:38 in ART (Argentina Time).

You can translate from Universal Time here, but here are a few examples:

New York: 16:38 EDT on 2 July 2019

Los Angeles: 13:38 PDT on 2 July 2019

London: 21:38 BST on 2 July 2019

Paris: 22:45 CEST on 2 July 2019

Hong Kong: 04:45 on 3 July 2019

Sydney: 06:45 on 3 July 2019


Four places to watch the total solar eclipse online

European Southern Observatory
The Exploratorium


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