Eclipse 2019

How to livestream Tuesday’s total solar eclipse online

Can’t make it to the Southern Hemisphere? Here’s how to watch it all unfold from afar

Totality will be televised! At 20:38 UT on Tuesday, July 2, 2019, a total solar eclipse will cross Chile and Argentina, from where it will be filmed and broadcast online. Here’s when and where to watch it:

It’s at 20:38 UT, which is 16:38 CLT (Chile Standard Time) in Chile, 17:38 in ART (Argentina Time).

You can translate from Universal Time here, but here are a few examples:

New York: 16:38 EDT on 2 July 2019

Los Angeles: 13:38 PDT on 2 July 2019

London: 21:38 BST on 2 July 2019

Paris: 22:45 CEST on 2 July 2019

Hong Kong: 04:45 on 3 July 2019

Sydney: 06:45 on 3 July 2019


Four places to watch the total solar eclipse online

European Southern Observatory
The Exploratorium


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