USA 2023

Incredible new maps published for America’s 2023 annular solar eclipse

Eclipse cartographer issues stunning new maps

Annular solar eclipses are all about where you stand. If you’re in the center of the ‘path of annularity’, you see a perfect ‘ring of light’ around the moon. However, if you’re at the northern edge of the path, you will see an imperfect ring and – if you’re lucky – some of the Baily’s Beads more commonly seen at a total solar eclipse.

So where do you need to stand on October 14, 2023 when an annular solar eclipse will rip across western U.S. states, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia and Brazil?

Eclipse cartographer Michael Zeiler has you covered; over on, he’s published a slew of maps that cover every part of the track in detail. Since Zeiler is based in New Mexico, he’ll get to see this eclipse from his home. We’ve included a few of them here, with his permission.

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Be sure also to check out Xavier Jubier’s excellent interactive Google Map for the 2023 annular solar eclipse.