Lunar eclipses

Are you ready for the Friday 13th Supermoon Eclipse?

It’s the first for 43 years, and it won’t happen again until 2080

Did you know there’s a partial solar eclipse happening tomorrow? Its the first such eclipse to occur on Friday 13th since 1974, and there won’t be another until 2080.

Although it will max out at 22% coverage of the sun, and last 1 hour 38 minutes, it will mostly be visible from the southern hemisphere’s oceans.

However, some locations in  southern Australia will be able to see the moon take a small chunk out of the sun. Tasmania is in the best position, with a 3.5% eclipse visible from Hobart. The spectacle there begins at  12:52 PM local time, with maximum eclipse at 1:25 PM. Launceston will see a 2.4% eclipse, also at 1:25 PM local time.  However, mainland Australia will see very little, with just 0.4% of the sun’s disc eclipsed at 1:21 PM local time from Melbourne.

This will not be a dramatic eclipse, and there will be no detectable change in the intensity of the sun’s light.

Image credit: CC0 Creative Commons

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