Eclipse 2019

Four great pieces of writing about the 2019 total solar eclipse

How to write about that which cannot be put into words

It’s not easy being an ‘eclipse journalist’. I write to inform, to try to get as many people as possible educated enough to go eclipse-chasing. What I rarely bother doing is to describe totality … it’s almost impossible. You either ‘get it’, or you’ve never seen one. That said, it is still possible to write about solar eclipses, their effect on the writer, as demonstrated by these four very different reports from Chile:

1 – ‘The humans cheered and the birds began to panic’ – what it’s like to watch a solar eclipse


2 – A drone, a $12,000 lens, and the magic of a total solar eclipse
3 – Thanks for the ear worm, Bonnie
4 – It was real, and it was spectacular. Tuesday’s solar eclipse illuminated the joys of life.

Image credit: Eric Adams