USA 2017

EXCLUSIVE: These towns and cities are now sold out for August’s eclipse

All the ‘top 10 places to see the eclipse’ are sold out. So head East – or camp.

With only just over 100 days to go until a Total Eclipse of the Sun across the USA, hotels in some key observation locations are sold out.

According to figures from travel search engine see by, the following places now have ZERO hotel availability for the night of August 20 – the night BEFORE the Total Solar Eclipse.

1 Salem, Oregon
2 Idaho Falls, Idaho
3 Jackson, Wyoming
4 Casper, Wyoming
5 Alliance, Nebraska
6 Beatrice, Nebraska
7 St Joseph, Missouri
8 Perryville, Missouri
9 Carbondale, Illinois
10 Hopkinsville, Kentucky
11 Dillard/Sky Valley, Georgia

So what are you options? Camping is the obvious call – if that’s your thing, there are plenty of camping options. A copy of our ebook, 100 Best Places in the USA to Watch the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 will help you – as will the suggestion-packed ebook The USA Eclipse 2017 Travel Guide [].

If you need a hotel, consider Missouri – Columbia, but also Kansas City and St Louis (though be very careful in these two cities because the Path of Totality only grazes them, so you will still need some transport to enjoy a longer Totality). Nashville in Tennessee still has plenty of rooms, as do Greenville and Columbia in South Carolina.

Photo credit: Wyoming Office of Tourism