Eclipses explained

Eight things you need to know for a successful eclipse chase

Are you prepared for eclipse day? With these simple eclipse tips, you will be

1 – Don’t compare % of eclipse – get to the Path of Totality

Totality is the ball game, it’s everything. It’s 100% or bust. If you think a 99% partial eclipse is just 1% less impressive than a Total Solar Eclipse, you’ve misunderstood what Totality is. It’s a gazillion times better.

2 – Book a campsite or RV parking space

Ignore the lazy media reports about the eclipse being a sell-out. There are hundreds of places to camp – just turn up and you’ll find somewhere. So what if you have to sleep in the car? This is a Total Solar Eclipse!

3 – Download eclipse maps

You can use these amazing interactive Google Maps, find state-by-state eclipse maps for free from Great American Eclipse and/or get a road atlas or guide that includes the path of totality.

4 – Prioritise clear skies, not the duration of Totality

Make your choice on where the clear skies are. Seeing totality at all is WAY more important than how long totality is – if you also get to decide how long you want totality to be, well, you’re extremely lucky! Once you’re in the Path of Totality, the weather forecast is more important than the map.

5 – Keep weather apps on your smartphone

Forget about the weather until the five-day forecast. Then start making plans. Get the two-day forecast and make a decision on where to go. Then move around the local area on the day if you need to – it likely won’t be as busy as local authorities will have you believe.

6 – Stay mobile, stay in the path

Deciding to swap locations may be a tough, but necessary decision depending on the weather. But try not to stray outside of the Path of Totality because if traffic is bad, you may not get back in!

7 – Forget about using your smartphone for calls and internet

Just like being in a stadium or a huge concert, there will be too many people trying to post on social media. Forget about it.

8 – Get emergency food, water, and a full tank of gas the day before

Will there be traffic chaos? Perhaps. Either way, you don’t want to queue for something you don’t need to. Pack for a few days and attempt a drive-in, drive-out camping trip.

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