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Where can I see the total solar eclipse in Georgia?

The northeast corner of the Peach State will get Totality for 6 minutes from 14:34 pm EDT on August 21, 2017

While ‘The Stripes’ – the 71-mile-wide moon shadow that ensures a view of Totality – do cross Georgia, the very ‘maximum’ line through the middle of the Path of Totality only just makes an entrance, at North Georgia Mountains. In fact, less than 15 miles of northeast Georgia is crossed by the Path of Totality, specifically the towns of Clayton, Dillard, and Sky Valley in the Blue Ridge Mountains. So head for the hills!

Here’s a great map of the Path of Totality in Georgia.

Totality can be glimpsed in Georgia at 14:34 pm EDT on August 21, 2017, with the moon shadow leaving Georgia at 14:40 pm EDT.

Three places to see the eclipse in Georgia:
1 – Black Rock Mountain State Park

In the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Rabun County, this is a great place to watch the eclipse amid stunning mountain views. The area is ideal for whitewater rafting, hiking, waterfalls, lakes, boating, fishing and mountain overlooks.

– 2 minutes 37 seconds Totality

2 – Tallulah Gorge Total Solar Eclipse Festival

It’s slightly south of the ‘maximum eclipse’ offered at the Path of Totality, but you only sacrifice about 17 seconds if you base yourself in the beautiful Tallulah Gorge State Park. Here, the Tallulah River flows through rugged terrain to carve a complex 1,000 foot geologic formation and five spectacular waterfalls which provide habitat for many unique species. Oh, and there’s an organised eclipse event on, too. There will be different stations set up to make your own viewing instrument as well as instruments set up for people to view the eclipse. Activities including live music, crafts, and recreation, and experts on hand to answer questions about the eclipse. It’s a free event and open to everyone.

– 2 minutes 23 seconds Totality

3 – Unicoi State Park

A lake surrounded by national forest offering relaxed dining and outdoor activities, Unicoi State Park isn’t on the ‘maximum eclipse’ centerline of the Path of Totality, but it’s near enough to get a long view of Totality. Close by is the Unicoi Zipline and Aerial Adventure Park, and Habersham Winery.

– 1 minute, 51 seconds of Totality.

Photo credit: Thomson200, Wikimedia – Nantahala Overlook, Black Rock Mountain State Park, Georgia


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