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What kind of glasses do you wear for a solar eclipse? Where to buy safe solar eclipse glasses is a popular question online this week and there are no prizes for guessing why that might be.

With an annular solar eclipse visible across the U.S. on October 14, 2023 eclipse-chasers across the Americas are asking how best to safely view the event. When those inside a 125-mile wide path through nine states in the U.S. Southwest that day watch a rare “ring of fire” annulus around the new moon they will need to do so through solar eclipse glasses. So will everyone else in North, Central and South America as they view a partial solar eclipse. 

This week’s Editor Jamie Carter has written two special articles for in which you can read the thoughts on solar eclipse glasses from eclipse eye expert Dr. Ralph Chou. It’s Time To Get Your Solar Eclipse Glasses—While You Still Can Your Complete Guide To Solar Eclipse Glasses Ahead Of October 14

What to know about solar eclipse glasses

All solar eclipse glasses must meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. There are two manufacturers of solar protection glasses in the U.S.—American Paper Optics and Rainbow Symphony recommends safe solar eclipse glasses from American Paper Optics, which makes the popular “Eclipser Glasses” and sells the helpful “Get Eclipsed” booklet that comes with 2x pairs of eclipse glasses. 

Image credit: Dave Davidson from Pixabay