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Best solar eclipse binoculars: Lunt SUNoculars review

These mid-sized binoculars are solid and impressive for eclipses and sunspots

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If you’re looking for the best solar eclipse binoculars then let us make the case of the Lunt SUNoculars 8×32. Small and portable without being a novelty item, they come with a fantastic build quality and an impressive form factor, with great – if imperfect – views of the sun. 

Sold in black, yellow, orange, and blue, these binoculars employ a roof prism design, which them apart from Celestron’s larger roof prism models and makes them lighter and more portable. They also have an outstanding build quality. The inclusion of a hard plastic covering and attached lens caps adds convenience, allowing the caps to hang beneath the objective lenses while in use.

Locating the sun is effortless, swift focusing is achievable, and clear views of sunspots are immediate. The twist-up eyecups offer generous eye relief, making the experience more immersive compared to other solar binoculars discussed. However, these binoculars use non-coated internal dye white light solar filters, which don’t block light to the same extent as the alternatives tested. This results in a safe and warm white-yellow view of the sun, although notable glare around the sun’s disk is obvious. Nevertheless, if a blend of portability, magnification, and rugged design is sought after, the Lunt SUNoculars 8×32 stand as a compelling choice. 

Magnification: 8x
Objective diameter: 32mm
Eye relief: 13.6mm
Weight: 18oz/570g
Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.3”/ 140 x 110mm