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Best places to see the 2017 eclipse in Idaho

The entire Gem State will get Totality for 12 minutes from 11:24 am MDT on August 21, 2017

It might be best known for potatoes, but Idaho will soon be better known as a great place to watch the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017. The Gem State, which borders with two other ‘eclipse states’ – Oregon and Wyoming – has a pretty low population density, meaning this may be a good option if you want to be mobile. Idaho has great weather prospects – especially eastern Idaho – and the Snake River Valley is sure to be teaming with eclipse-chasers and photographers. It makes sense to base yourself in Idaho Falls in these parts, especially since the centerline of the Path of Totality is just above that town if you take either Highway 15 or Route 20. The latter goes north to Rexburg, which will be popular.

Here’s a great map of the Path of Totality in Idaho.

Totality can be glimpsed in Idaho at 11:24 am MDT on August 21, 2017 in the far west of the state, with the moon shadow leaving Idaho for Wyoming at 11:36 am MDT.

Three places to see the eclipse in Idaho:

1 – Craters of the Moon National Monument, Arco

What could be better than watching the Moon move across the Sun while standing on it? Well almost … the Moon shadow just scratches the top of Idaho’s Craters of the Moon National Monument, so only some of the 1,000 square miles of volcanic features and lava fields are suitable for eclipse-viewing. Find an access point in the very northern reaches of the preserve, just below the town of Arco, Idaho, for a little over a minute of Totality.

2 – Idaho Falls

About three hours drive from Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls has among the best weather prospects along the entire eclipse path. The town’s Tautphaus Park Zoo might be a good place to see how animals react to the surreal twilight and sudden blackout of Totality, though a short drive north to Rexburg will get you precious seconds of extra Totality.

3 – Rexburg

There could be as many as 500,000 day-trippers up here if local press reports are true. There are plenty of campsites around here, and to the south and east towards Wyoming.

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Photo credit: NPS – The cinder fields of the Craters of the Moon NM