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The best photos & videos of August 21, 2017’s Total Solar Eclipse

Totality was captured in some weird and wonderful ways last month

Photographers were out in force for August 21’s Total Solar Eclipse in the U.S. So it’s not surprising that there were some stunning images captured from across the huge Path of Totality. Here is a selection of our favorite:

1 – The climber and a Total Solar Eclipse
USA Total Solar Eclipse 2017 - Andrew Studer

Credit: Andrew Studer

After four days of scouting for the best position, Ted Hesser and Andrew Studer captured this iconic image of the eclipse at Smith Rock State Park, an American state park located in central Oregon’s High Desert. It’s a single image shot on a telephoto lens – no Photoshop. You can buy the image here. Here’s a video about the story behind it:

And here’s a video of Totality at Smith Rock:

2 – Diamond Ring in a Cloudy Sky
Diamond Ring in a Cloudy Sky - Ashley Marando

Credit & Copyright: Ashley Marando

As the Moon’s shadow swept across the US on August 21, eclipse chasers in the narrow Path of Totality were treated to a diamond ring in the sky – and here it is from South Carolina.


3 – A Total Solar Eclipse over Wyoming
A Total Solar Eclipse over Wyoming - Ben Cooper

Credit & Copyright: Ben Cooper

Totality from Green River Lake, Wyoming, where clouds blocked the Sun intermittently up to one minute before totality.


4 – First-Ever Wingsuit Formation Through Full Solar Eclipse

Here’s something weird – folks leaping out of a plane over Madras, Oregon, each wearing a GoPro to capture Totality.

Featured Image Credit: Andrew Studer

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