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Best solar eclipse binoculars: Lunt SUNoculars Mini solar binoculars

Affordable, pocket-sized solar eclipse binoculars for keeping a magnified eye on the progress of the moon across the sun

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If you’re looking for the smallest and most affordable solar eclipse binoculars then the Lunt SUNoculars Mini solar binoculars could be for you.

The ever-popular SUNoculars are sold in yellow, red and blue hues and serve as a nifty and budget-friendly accessory for eclipse enthusiasts seeking a touch of magnification – but nothing more. 

The main selling point is their pocket-friendly size, making them convenient for travel. These little guys weigh a mere 5.6oz/157g and come in a blister pack sans any extras, but they’re built sturdy enough to endure life in a jacket pocket.

Their internal dye solar filters provide a vibrant, bright, and orange depiction of the sun. It’s excellent for tracking the moon’s journey across the sun, even though it’s not quite large enough for spotting sunspots. Each eyecup can be focused separately.

While marketed as a fun and vibrant product for kids (albeit with adult supervision advised), we’re not convinced. There’s practically no eye relief and the eyecups are exceptionally small. Yes, theoretically, this might be suitable for youngsters, but practically speaking, it doesn’t provide much protection against all that sunlight. We’re inclined to think that more substantial, twist-up eyecups, like those on the larger Lunt SUNoculars, are both safer and more comfortable – albeit in a bulkier, heavier package. 

Magnification: 6x
Objective diameter: 30mm
Eye relief: none
Weight: 5.6oz/157g
Dimensions: 94 x 108 x 39mm / 3.7 x 4.2 x 1.5”