Eclipse 2023

How to book accommodation for the 2023 solar eclipse in Australia

It’s time to plan for a super-short totality

On Thursday, 20 April, 2023 totality will come to a small part of Western Australia. 

Although it’s a hybrid solar eclipse, it will be a total solar eclipse over the small town of Exmouth. At 11:29 a.m. just over a minute of totality will occur while the Sun is high in the sky, very likely in clear skies. 

Exmouth Peninsular is in a desolate area. It’s a 1,270 km drive north of Perth or a 1,400km drive south from Broome. It’s not a journey you should undertake likely.

We’ve done a lot of research into accommodation in this tiny town and discovered that although a lot of the big resorts are either booked up or not taking bookings yet there are a few possibilities.

Everyone in Exmouth knows this eclipse is coming and the date of the eclipse also falls within local school holidays. 

Demand is therefore already high, but please do bear in mind that the tourist industry in Australia–like everywhere in the world right now – is struggling. So be polite when contacting them, make it clear that you want to book for 2023, and be prepared to pay a sizeable deposit. 

Also note that many other accommodations will only book 12 months in advance, so maybe there will be more options later.  

This page will be updated when possible, but note that is not a travel agent. Please do not contact Jamie about any of these accommodations; they are supplied here simply as a service and to help you in your research. Good luck! 

Ningaloo Visitor Centre says: “Each individual accommodation provider in Exmouth is making independent decisions about when they will open bookings for the 2023 event. You will need to contact accommodation providers individually as some are taking expressions of interest and others are stating an open date for bookings.  There are also a number of Airbnb options in our area.” 

Ningaloo Caravan & Holiday Park

Now taking bookings for campsites/hook-ups/possibly chalets

Yardie Homestead

Camping only. Now taking 6 days bookings minimum around the eclipse.

Ningaloo Reef Holidays

The Anchor (swimming pool)
Minimum 5 night stay @ $611 per night 18, 19, 20, 21 & 22 April. 
Either side of these dates @ $458 per night
Email: Maria at Ningaloo Reef Holiday Homes

Note that it’s just outside the ‘path of totality’ close to the entrance to Cape Range National Park – so a 99% partial solar eclipse will be visible from here. But it’s a very short drive either south into the national park or a 32 km drive to Exmouth for totality.

Ningaloo Reef Holidays

The Orchard  
Minimum 5 night stay@ $480 per night 18, 19, 20, 21 & 22 April.  
Either side of these dates @ $360 per night
Email: Maria at Ningaloo Reef Holiday Homes

RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park

Bookings won’t open up until 11 months in advance – May 2022.

Mantarays Ningaloo Beach Resort

Bookings won’t open up until 12 months in advance – April 2022.

Useful contact (though isn’t booking anything presently) 

Jade Guthrie @ Ningaloo Visitor Centre


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IMAGE CREDIT: Australia’s Coral Coast